Student conference: "Endocrinology as visual art."

This year's theme was a synthesis of very interesting and creative approaches. It included the description of endocrinological pathologies in masterpieces of world painting. It should be noted that a conference of similar content was held in Georgia for the first time.
The speakers organized a real trip to the museums of the world, evaluated them through the eyes of an endocrinologist and showed the canvases of famous artists to the attending public. 
Davit Metreveli, Manana Zhvania and Gia Gugushvili positively evaluated the materials presented by the speakers and noted the high level of organization of the conference.
In view of the high interest shown by the attending public in the conference topic, the head of the Endocrinology Department, Professor Marine Gordeladzemar ruled out the possibility of continuing the research in the mentioned direction and presenting its results in the future.